Balance Check

As always, the easiest and best way to keep track of your balance is to always keep an refer to your receipts. Your receipts will show you your last transaction and current balance. However, if you do not have your last receipt you can check your balance on line, over the phone, or at any JPMorgan Chase Bank ATM.

Online Balance Check:

To check your balance online, please login your JPMorgan account. You can login in one of two ways. See Below:

Using your Card Number and PIN

Wisconsin Quest Card Balance Check

You can also log into using your User ID and PW

 card balance check

Over the Phone Balance Check

Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any issues you have. If you need to check your balance, please have your card serial number and your personal PIN number and call the number below.

  • 1-877-415-5146

Check Your Balance at the ATM

You can also check your balance at any JPMorgan ATM or bank. These would be any Chase bank, or Chase Bank location. To locate an ATM near you, click here.

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