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Everyday due to inflation, basic necessities for day to day living are becoming more and more expensive and getting out of reach of the common man, access to retail markets where the rate of groceries and other things is a far dream for low-income families, but the government of US has come up with an innovative scheme of Quest Card. It succeeds the age old food stamp coupons. To know more about the card, the eligibility criteria, the application process and benefits, continue reading further.

What is it?

The card is an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) system; it is a plastic card like your debit/credit card and is loaded with various benefits. This card can be used at the local POS machines to buy groceries. It comes as a boon to low-income families. It also makes you eligible for free nutrition education classes and also be used for CSA and purchase food from participating farmers.

Eligibility criteria

1. You have been a US citizen or legally residing in the US for more than 5 years.

2. Meet the basic eligibility rules and income limits.

3. A single person earning less than $1816 monthly , 2 persons with earning $2452 monthly , 3 persons with earning $3090 monthly, 4 persons earning 3726 monthly are eligible for the scheme.

4. Your working status or available assets do not matter.

5. Fully filled Foodshare application form must be submitted.

6. Answering a telephonic interview with case worker.

How to get a Card?

1. Call the helpline number.

2. Their representative will answer your call and ask you a few basic questions.

3. They will then arrange a meeting, fill the application form and explain to you about the various benefits.

4. The filled form will then be forwarded to your local agency for verification and processing.

5. They will be calling you once again for brief question and answers.

6. Based on all this the final decision shall be sent to you explaining what all benefits and how much of it you are eligible for monthly on the card.

7. Generally cards are issued within 30 days.

8. The card will have an 8 digit Social Security Number

The Benefits

1. Each month depending on the eligible limits, benefits will automatically be transferred to you card account.

2. The benefits as mentioned earlier you shall get good quality grocery at nominal prices.

3. Free nutrition education classes.

4. The day when you will receive the benefits will depend on the 8 digit Social security number.

Some points to take a note of are that the card should be kept properly, neat and clean. Just like a debit card this card too should not be bent or kept near magnetic devices. Also one must never disclose the PIN which is like a password to any other person.

It is worthy to note that the card selection is a fair process and no discrimination is done based on caste, gender, age, religion, nationality etc. So in case you met all the eligibility criteria, do not hesitate to give the helpline number a call and reserve yourself a card.

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