Features & Benefits

  • Easy and Convenient control over your EBT card
  • Works like a debit card in stores
  • Get CASH at ATMs
  • Benefits are automatically reloaded each month

alaska quest card

What Should I Know About My Alaska Quest Card?

  • Alaska’s Division of Public Assistance issues Food Stamps and other benefits to lower income families though the card.
  • The cards are issued by JPMorgan Chase
  • The benefit amount is dependent on the household net income, location, and size.
  • The maximum benefit amount is close to $4,000 and requires a household of 8 or more people

How to use your card at the Grocery Store

Be sureto locate an store that accepts the card. To find a list of locations, click here

  • Shop for your eligible food items and bring them to the isle for check out
  • Let the cashier ring an total your items as usual
  • When time for payment, swipe your card through the point of sale machine
  • Enter your PIN number, never tell the cashier your PIN
  • Make sure the payment total is correct
  • Hit ENTER
  • Collect your receipt

How to use your card at the ATM

Many ATM machine will not accept your Quest or EBT card. To find a list of ATMs that do, click here.

  • Locate an ATM that will accept your cards
  • Follow the instructions provided by the machine
  • Insert your card
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select CHECKING
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdrawal
  • Press Enter
  • BE sure to collect your receipt

Balance Check

  • To check the balance on your Alaska Quest EBT Card, click here.

Customer Service

  • Customer service phone numbers and information can be found here.


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