Features & Benefits

  • Your monthly benefits are pre-loaded onto your card each month
  • Use in the store like a debit card
  • Easy and Convenient

Idaho quest card

What Should I Know About My Idaho Quest Card?

  • If you ever lose benefits for a period of time, and then regain them you will still use the same card
  • Previous months unused balance will roll over onto the month month of benefits
  • If you do not use your cards for 365 consecutive days, it will deactivated
  • Foods such as breads, fruits, meats, fish, poultry, and dairy products are all eligible food items. For a full list, click here.

How to Use Your Card at the Grocery Store

All stores in Idaho that display the Quest logo are available for you to to shop at. For a full list of all stores that accept the card, click here.

  • Shop for the items you wish to purchase and bring them to the check out counter.
  • Let the cashier ring and total up your purchases
  • Once the total is given, swipe your card through the point of sale machine
  • Enter your PIN
  • Make sure the total matches the total you were given
  • Hit ENTER
  • Get your receipt

Balance Check

To check the balance remaining on your card, click here.

Customer Service

Customer service phone numbers and other information is located here.


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